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PIMA Alarm System

PIMA provides home and business owners with uncompromising reliability for optimal security and ultimate peace of mind. Additionally, the system’s ease-of-use and low maintenance guarantee ultimate convenience.


Access System

Apollo Security is an established leader in the Access Control Security industry providing superior hardware products supported by innovative software solutions.


Surveillance System

The conventional or CCTV system and latest IoT surveillance system for your residential or commercial needs.​

Intercom System

Intercom System

Intercom system allows people to talk and listen to each other in different areas of a building or property for residential.


Bluesound System

Bluesound Pro system provides seamless audio control and music solution for commercial and residential spaces


Surveillance System

Providing a robust and reliable WiFi system for both commercial and residential deployment, our expertise assures seamless connectivity and optimal performance.

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Discover Excellence in Timekeeping and Hygiene with Geneva Time Clocks and Decon/s. Explore our cutting-edge solutions, redefining precision and cleanliness across industries.


Cloud Surveillance

Experience hassle-free surveillance with no bulky NVR.


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